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Action Tackle Products is notifying fishermen of a look-a-like spring bobber, made to resemble the original Action Bite Indicator. The copy cat dealers and manufacturers realize the value of this innovative design to the fishermen. They're looking to profit from this product, the original round style spring bobber made in the U.S.A with quality workmanship and materials. Please read the name of the manufacturer before you make your purchase.
Action Tackle Products is the patented inventor and manufacturer.

Titanium Tooth Proof Leader

Collapsible Ice Rod Holder
Action Bite Indicator
Available in Stainless Steel and Titanium

Action Bite Indicator
This product, more commonly known as a spring bobber or ice bobber, is the perfect tool for increasing the sensitivity of any rod. The increased flexability will allow you to easily see when a fish has taken your bait without the fish feeling the pull of a floating bobber. There are four different styles available for ice fishing. The medium and lite action indicators can also be used as a summer bobber.